Procurement of 0714-2040YUNCKO01/01 Components Line for Microwave Capacitance and Resistance(2)

        Project Name:Components Line for Microwave Capacitance and Resistance
        Bidding NO :0714-2040YUNCKO01/01
        Bidding Content:Spray coating system
        Bidding Agency:CEIEC
        Purchasers:China Zhenhua Group Yunke Electronic Co.,Ltd.
        Open-Time of Bids:2020-03-05 10:00
        Ending Date of Evaluation Result:2020-03-11 23:59
        Who proposed the successful bidder:
        rankProposed Bid-winnerManufacturerManufacturer Country
        1chengdu king son,ltdEV GROUP EUROPE & ASIA/PACIF IC GmbHAustria

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