Procurement of 0720-2040zbzx0018 Dosing Device(3)

        【Buy Bidding Documents】
        Clarify or change:
        Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time): 2020-03-25 09:00
        China Petroleum Materials Company Limited entrusted by the purchaser, invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding. The tender notice was released on on2020-03-07
        1、Bidding Conditions
        Overview:Dosing Device for 600KMTA ABS Construction Project
        Source of Funds:Confirmed
        Description of The Prepared Bidding Conditions:Project has been approved and funds has been approved.
        2、Bidding Content
        Bidding No:0720-2040zbzx0018
        Project Name:Dosing Device
        Place of Implementation:Guangdong
        List of Products:
        NO. Product Name Quantity Main Technical DataRemarks
        1 Dosing Device 12 sets detail in Section 8

        3、Qualification Requirements For Bidder
        Qualifications or Performance:Bidders should fill in and provide relevant materials in accordance with the requirements of Format IV-9 in Section 4. Bidder must be the manufacturer. If the bidder is a branch company or subsidiary company, the bid will be rejected when its general company or parents company fails to provide a form of guarantee. Bidder should provide the printed version of various valid qualification certificates, such as business license and operation license, etc (The copy must be signed or sealed by the bidder). The Bidder shall provide the bank reference letter issued within three months prior to the date of bid opening in original or its copy (The signature or sealing by the respective of bidders is needed). Other Qualification and Achievement requirements stipulated in Section 8.
        Joint Bids:NOT Available
        Bid without the bidding documents:NOT Available
        4、Acquisition of Bidding Documents
        Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents:2020-01-21
        Ending of Selling Bidding Documents:2020-02-14
        Sell bidding?doc?online?or?not:No
        To Obtain::On-site Purchase
        Place:China Petroleum Materials Company Limited
        Price of Bidding Documents:¥300/$50
        5、Bid Submission
        Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time):2020-03-25 09:00
        Place of Bid:China Petroleum Materials Company Limited
        Place of Bid Opening:China Petroleum Materials Company Limited
        6、The bidder needs to register before the tender on And the evaluation results will be released on
        7、Contact Details
        Add.:No. 9 Longtan Dajie, Jilin City, Jilin Province
        Contact:WangShuYan; QiYanLong
        Bidding Agency:China Petroleum Materials Company Limited
        Add.:No. 5 Gulouwai Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing
        Contact:Luo Yajuan
        8、Remittance Approach:
        Account NO.(RMB):
        Account NO.(USD):

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